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Northern Beaches road tunnel (BL)

The NSW Government wants to impress voters around the northern beaches and lower north shore.

Accordingly, a road tunnel system called Beaches Link was announced on 16 March 2017. It will be extremely expensive, especially if it is to link through a new western harbour tunnel to Westconnex.

There were by-elections in the State seats of Manly and North Shore on 8 April 2017. On 6 April, in the heat of the campaign, premier Gladys Berejiklian appeared in both the Mosman Daily and Manly Daily signing a promise to "start" the tunnel by 2019. Manly Daily reported the "intention is to make it difficult for a potential successive Labor government to abandon the multi-billion dollar project". This is deplorable.

No business case has been released nor has anything been said to indicate that a business case might be prepared.

The government should seek to reduce the need for private cars between the northern beaches and the rest of Sydney. The northern beaches area is much more self-contained than other parts of Sydney. Indeed, that used to be seen as an advantage by residents, many of whom are quite content to stay in the area all day. The area has good employment opportunities including industrial centres.

The project presumably comes within the scope of a cabinet directive that transport officials ignore public transport alternatives to motorway projects. Learn more... This is scandalous.

Note that the same government is working to amplify and speed up bus services to the area. Learn more ....

Local protest groups have been formed - STOP - Sustainable Transport Options and Plans - email or

Viable Transport Solutions, combining Save Balgowlah, Clean Air Seaforth, North Harbour Community Group, Beaches Tunnel – How it impacts you, and North Balgowlah Tunnel information. Email.

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