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Bus Priority Program

Transport for New South Wales professes that buses should have priority so that people will want to ride in public transport. It decided in perhaps 2015 to review Sydney bus services with a view to making things faster, which would benefit both the passengers and general traffic. Unfortunately the job was given to NSW Roads & Maritime Services (the former RTA, originally DMR) instead of to a pro-bus agency. RMS has a peculiar viewpoint on buses - it thinks they block general traffic! And RMS sees bus stops as potential car parking spaces which could reduce the need for motorists to drive around searching for somewhere to stop.

In RMS hands, bus priority became synonymous with tidying-up bus stops, often by removing them. Little thought was given to passenger safety and even less to passenger convenience. It is ironic that rarely-used bus stops don't delay buses much (because so few buses stop there!) yet attracted the most RMS attention.

The routes considered so far are:

Bus routeDistrict
440 et alRozelle - Leichhardt - Camperdown
380, 389Darlinghurst - Bondi - Vaucluse
412, 422, 423, 426, 428Kingsgrove depot
M41Macquarie Park - Hurstville
Mainly temporary servicesMacquarie Park area
M61CBD - M2 - Castle Hill
Showground Road and
Carrington Road
west Castle Hill
M60, T70, T71Hornsby - Castle Hill - Blacktown
M91Hurstville - Padstow - Bankstown - Parramatta

Buses would run so much better if it wasn't for all those pesky passengers!

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!