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F6 extension: St. Peters to Waterfall

The NSW Government wants to impress voters around the southern suburbs and Illawarra.

Accordingly, NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) is planning the F6 extension between Waterfall and St Peters. Full details of the whole route have not been announced however the Channel 9 news on 27 September 2017 carried some details which are probably correct. The scoping report for Stage 1, to Kogarah, has been released.

A story in the Sydney Morning Herald of 13 June 2018 makes clear that Stage 1 is simply an extension of Westconnex. Learn more...

The road should not be built. The government should instead seek to reduce the need for private cars between Wollongong and Sydney. Passengers and freight should be moved to rail, simply by spending money on the railway instead of the road. And the dangerous volume of heavy trucks on the steep Mt Ousley Road hill must be curtailed somehow by regulation.

Some of the northern part of the road is to be in tunnel. We don't understand government's enthusiasm for the road south of Loftus - there can't be many votes in it.

The project comes within the scope of a cabinet directive that transport officials ignore public transport alternatives to motorway projects. Learn more... This is scandalous.

No business case has been released nor has anything been said indicating that a business case is being prepared.

Visit the website of F6 Action.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!