Fix N.S.W. Transport!

Get rid of graffiti!

It is NSW Government policy to control graffiti - Learn more ...

However, as Sydney train passengers know well, the reality does not match the rhetoric.

Evidently nothing has been done that restricts the availability of spray cans of paint. Although hardware shops are required to keep cans in locked cages, numerous sellers advertise cheap cans on websites and obviously don't care who gets the cans.

Sydney Trains claims to have new technology to help apprehend graffitists but many Sydney homes would seem to have better intruder detection than the underground railway. Videos of major tagging excursions can readily be found on YouTube.

Custodial sentences are rarely imposed; bonds are much more common. One notable exception is described here. Compare with Singapore ...

We were amused to see that the then Premier's 2015 election bus was tagged but the Government's resolve doesn't seem to have been aroused.

New technology is available for apprehending offenders quickly. Learn more...

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!