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Condemn the Macquarie railway closure!

Rail services between Epping and Chatswood - the Macquarie line, which opened in 2009 - didn't operate for about eight months from 30 September 2018 for "upgrade" to carry the crewless single-deck trains running on the north-west rail link after it opened in May 2019. Learn more ...

This disruptive closure was not necessary. It could have been averted by retaining the existing double-deck trains on the Macquarie line and using the lower-level Epping platforms as an interchange. This might have been by converting one of the two platforms to single-deck and retaining the other for double-deck use. Another, more expensive, solution would have been building two new underground platforms at Epping to be a terminus for North-west Rail Link (NWRL) trains. There would have been other possibilities.

Even after the Macquarie line re-opened as single-deck, passengers are required to change at Chatswood. The station at Chatswood was not designed as a major interchange. There is likely to be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous overcrowding in the morning peak.

The gaps between north-west metro stations are extraordinarily long - 6.5 km from Chatswood to North Ryde and 6 km Epping to Cherrybrook. Power failure or anything worse in the tunnels could force passengers to traipse 3km to the nearest station. And having train crew on hand to organise the evacuation is not guaranteed.

The trouble began with a decision to bore NWRL tunnels slightly too narrow to admit existing double-deck Sydney trains. It continued with awkward attempts to expand railways where single-deck trains could feasibly be sent and not where the need was greatest.

Learn more about the north-west rail link's many problems. Or watch this video, to judge for yourself.

For a 2015 pre-election snapshot of local opinion, see this video.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!