Fix N.S.W. Transport!

Build a new railway under Parramatta Rd!

The NSW government has decided to over-develop (SMHerald article) the Parramatta Road area, allowing 27000 new units between Camperdown and Granville. They probably intend spending some of the profits from this on building WestConnex however even a huge road like that can only carry a few thousand cars per hour.

Twenty-seven thousand new flats means about fifty thousand additional people of whom perhaps forty thousand will need to be at work/school/whatever by 9am each weekday.

The existing railway to the CBD is fully-loaded already. No bus or light rail service along Parramatta Rd could ever hope to carry the occupants of so many new homes. There is an urgent need to commence work on a totally new underground railway serving that area.

Notable submissions criticised the plan - Learn more ... and even more.

Read this opinion piece by Chris Johnson which recognises the problem.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!