Fix N.S.W. Transport!

Western Harbour road tunnel (WHT)

The NSW Government wants to impress voters around the lower north shore.

Accordingly, a proposed road tunnel system linked to Westconnex called Western Harbour Tunnel was announced. It will be extremely expensive, especially if it is to connect through a new Middle Harbour tunnel to the northern beaches. Also, its southern end will start from the proposed Rozelle underground interchange. Designing the interchange is proving to be very difficult and might well be impossible. Yet contracts for building it cannot be signed until it is properly specified.

No business case has been released nor has anything been said to indicate that a business case might be prepared.

The government should seek to reduce the need for private cars between the northern suburbs and the rest of Sydney.

The project presumably comes within the scope of a cabinet directive that transport officials ignore public transport alternatives to motorway projects. Learn more... This is scandalous.

Stop The Tunnels website or

Help us tell the NSW government that funds should go into public transport not new road tunnels.

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Fix N.S.W. Transport!